[YANA] RSA – Modification problems

I got a Java project with a reverse engineered UML model in Rational Software Architect (RSA) 7.0. I tried to open it after a few months now, and because it was in RSA 6.0 it needed updating. The update, to much surprise, went well, without problems, I was able to start to browse the model. Everything worked fined until I would not want to modify something, then, the following error message came:


Modification could not be completed.
The following files are out of synchronization with the workspace

How nice, and now what? I searched the web for the exact error messages, no result. I searched for parts of the message, no result. So this post is again just a sign, that there is someone else in the world, who received this error message (however could not do anything with it).

I start to wonder whether IBM has a special cloaking feature that hides its documentation and discussions from the google search engine, or the problem is with me, and I receive personalized, unique error messages from RSA:-)

P.S.: for YANA in the title see the Doctor Who episode Utopia 🙂

UPDATE: Jan Zidek found a solution for the problem, thanks for sending it to me!

I have found the solution which works at least for me, you might be interested.

Firstly, what Eclipse says about “out of synchronization with the workspace”. It is not exactly the description of the problem but from there I can understand what the potential source of the problem is:


“Resources become out of sync with the workspace if they are changed directly in the file system without using Eclipse workspace API.”

Because I had completely deleted the old version of RSM (RSM is a light version of RSA) and reinstalled the new version and connected it with my existing workspace, I started being suspicious that the problem might be just here.

Notice that I do NOT keep my model files physically in the workspace, but I just import the existing models to my workspace, so they are just linked to the workspace.

And now the solution:

  1. I removed the project from the workspace (but not from its original location in the filesystem)
  2. I imported the existing project into my workspace again

Voila! 🙂

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